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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> well, there is no keeping a peafter the accident cockin the cockin the zoo. settled on the ledge of this luxury fifth avenue apartment building in manhattan, officials are trying to find a way to safely capture the peacock. they're hoping he flies back after his adventure in the big city. the news keeps coming. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. >> right off the top tonight, more questions than answers in the death of this young man at a crowded swimming pool party. prince georges county police say he drowned at the broad water
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mansion, in upper marl borrow, but they don't know how it happened. rescue crews didn't find the body until two hours after the man went missing. tonight, this investigation has prompted changes at the police department. fox 5's wisdom martin has the news edge in maryland, wisdom. >> reporter: brian, there are lots of questions, even from the police department about what happened, what occurred and why didn't investigators find the victim when they should have. now, the party was held at a mansion owned by former state senator tommy broadwater. party organizerses had rented the property for the night and the family says they've been told several different stories about what happened and they just don't add up. >> this is beyond belief. i am --. >> reporter: she says nothing she has heard so far makes sense about her 22-year-old son, kevin, a second-year student at michigan, ended up dead at a weekend pool party. kevin's younger brother, isaac. >> i had no idea what was going
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on. i was shocked to hear something like that happening. >> reporter: the pool party went sunday night into sunday morning. according to investigators, there was an emergency call about a drowning just after 1:30 in the morning. fire and ems personnel were greeted at the party by security at the front entrance. >> the staff asked what we were doing there. we advised them we were responding to a 9-1-1 call reporting a drowning at that facility. they had advised to their advantage, there was no problems ongoing, and that our services would not be needed. >> reporter: firefighters did look into the back and saw some 2 to 300 people at the party, looked at the pool packed with people, didn't see anything and left. when police say they arrived later, there were at least 30 people in the pool and about 15 prince georges county police officers working security at the party. >> they did make contact with security personnel and other party-goers, and they did, in fact, make a visual inspection of this pool. very unfortunately, they didn't
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see the drowning victim at the bottom of the pool. > police timeline. investigators believe the drowning happened around 1:00 in the morning. at 1:37 a.m., the first 9-1-1 call. 1:53, the first responders arrived on the scene, and at 3:26 in the morning, the victim was found by police in the water. >> if there was so many people at this place at the time of the party, nobody saw someone drowning in the pool, it's unbelievable for me. >> reporter: meanwhile, the police chief has ordered an internal investigation of the actions of the officers working that party, and also secondary employment at house parties is now prohibited by the department. >> i'm hoping everybody or whoever knows can come forward to say something, to help on what transpired on that day. >> reporter: the pool was 9 feet deep at the deepest end.
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witnesses say there were no lifeguards on duty at the time. police say there was a visual inspection of the pool and the grounds when they arrived on the scene, but initially, they didn't see anything, brian. >> a lot of questions here, obviously, still unanswered. but during that visual inspection, it seems like common sense, the police would ask people to at least get out of the pool. did they even do that? >> you're right. it does seem like common sense and that's what police are trying to determine. they say there was no visibility in that pool. they want to know if the people were asked to get out of the pool, the reason there was no visibility, the water was not clear because you saw in some of those pictures that you just couldn't see to the bottom of the pool. that's one of the things investigators want to know. did the investigators who were on the scene ask all those people to get out of the pool and actually do a real inspection, so the investigation continues into why these receives didn't see the victim at the bottom of the pool in the first place, brian. >> wisdom martin tonight. with the revelation of a sixth fairfax serial slasher
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victim, women in the area are on alert. surveillance video captured images of the man police believe a man is cutting women's back side with a box cutter or razor. the latest woman says she was cut back in june. other attacks have happened at fair oaks mall and greenbriar shopping center. tense moments in the white house had a homeless man jumped a fence. secret service says an agent quickly tackled a man carrying a backpack. they brought in a bomb-detecting robot to make sure nothing dangerous was inside. suspect is in hands of district police. he faces charges of contempt of court for violating an order to stay away from the white house. president obama signed the debt ceiling bill into law this afternoon, a short time after the senate passed it. as craig boswell reports, the focus will now shift to jobs. >> reporter: president obama signed off on the debt ceiling compromise legislation and says he wants to move on and talk
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about jobs. at the same time he repeated his call for tax increases a way to cut future deficits. with the stroke of a pen, president obama puts an exclamation point on months of often heated debate. >> so we've seen in the past few days that washington has the ability to focus when there's a timer ticking down and when there's a looming disaster. >> reporter: with about 10 hours remaining until a potential us default, the president's signature raises the debt ceiling more than $2 trillion. the president also cuts more than $2 trillion in spending. the president says future deficit reductions will not come from cuts alone. >> it also means reforming our tax code so that the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations pay their fair share. >> reporter: the president spoke moments after the senate voted. >> the ayes are sfoor and the nays 26. >> reporter: overwhelming passing a measure neither side embraced completely. >> today we'll make sure america pays its bills and we need to make sure all americans can pay
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theirs. >> i wish i could stand here today with something much more ambitious. but i'm encouraged by the thought we'll finish this fight. >> reporter: the committee picked apart the $1.8 trillion in cuts remaining. the triple a credit rating could be down graded if the committee work isn't completed. in washington, craig boswell. >> congress has taken care of the debt ceiling debacle for now. the battling over funding for the faa continues. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> lawmakers left town. they recessed until september, which means the government will likely lose more than $1 billion in ticket taxes. it's all because lawmakers couldn't agree on a deal to re-up the faa's operating authority. the faa now partially shut down nearly 4,000 employees laid off and hundreds of construction projects halted. dc police want the city's transgender community to be on alert. two shootings on dix street,
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northeast, one of them deadly. investigators are trying to track down a suspect, and they are using national night out tonight to get help from the community. attorneys for a baltimore man accused of plotting to bomb a military recruiting center wants the charges dismissed. antonio martinez was given a fake bomb in september and allegedly tried to detonate it outside a recruiting center. his lawyers claim he may have been coerced by the government. he faces a possible life sentence. new stories of heroism are emerging from the norway massacre. the couple that risked death to help save 40 lives. is your car model on the hot wheels list? find out which vehicle thieves are targeting the most. a quick look at some of the stories we're following. we're back in 60 seconds.
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>> a norwegian couple which raced to help children had a terrorist opened fire on their island campus getting recognition. peggy dalen and toro hansen say they were eating dinner when they heard screaming. they jumped in the boat and went to the camp and picked up as many as they could and headed manld and rescued 40 victims. if you drive an older honda, thieves want your car. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top 5. >> once again, honda owners have earned a dubious distinction. the 95 accord and 92 civic were the top stolen cars in 2010. also on the list of the top 5, 91 toyota camera, 97 ford f-150 pickup. you can see the entire list of the most stolen cars last year
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on number 4 is good news for the car industry but bad news for the economy. major automakers' sales were up in july. gm sales were up 8%, ford 9% and chrysler 20%. unfortunately, they weren't up enough to end doubts about the strength of the us economy. number 3, thousands of us soldiers coming home from war are being treated for post traumatic stress disorder but one of the drugs used to treat them is ineffective, a study says. researchers says it does little if anything to help them at all. number 2, you could have a refund of 60 to $300 heading your way. us airways is directly refunding ticket taxes travellers paid back on july 23. the refund amriesz to travellers who bought tickets before the shutdown but flew during it. number 1 tonight, the prince georges county council will hold a special election to replace
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former council member leslie johnson. the primary will be tuesday, september 20 and the general election will be held october 18. candidates can file with the board of elections to run starting tomorrow. and brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. coming up next, wreckage from the shuttle columbia found more than eight years after the deadly explosion. plus, it's called liquid fuel from the sun. could it help solve america's dependence on foreign oil? find out why it's getting good reviews. capitols superstar has a new deal, featured on big deal bars in canada. he was, saying, quote, be a big deal like me. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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>> hot temperatures in texas led to a surprising discovery. this object is thought to be a piece from the space shuttle columbia, which exploded on atmosphere reentry back in '03. it was found poking up out of the nack doches late. it is indeed a power storage tank from the columbia and have yet to send a local team to investigate. how does america ease its addiction to foreign oil. we've heard of several alternative fuels over the years. so far, nothing has done the trick but a new process for
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producing fuel is getting good reviews. fox's molly lion takes a look. >> reporter: with a little help from genetic engineering, jewel unlimited claims researchers have created an organism that makes liquid fuel that could run trucks and planes across the country. >> it drops in different genes and sequences, et cetera, from other organisms in the wild and combining those into our organism, we then engineer it to produce the molecule of interest and to secrete it. >> reporter: simply put, the organism needs just a few ingredients produced naturally and fuel can be made anywhere. >> so the products we make is diesel, it's very high c-tane so very powerful. >> reporter: it's compatible with the existing infrastructure, meaning it blends into the diesel supply. the question is, how fast can
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the project actually hit the road. the company is taking its first steps toward commercialization, leasing over 1,000 acres in new mexico. the goal is to prove the organism can produce on a large scale and help meet america's growing demand for diesel, which in 2010, supplied 5.9% of us energy. jewel says their discovery is cheaper, uses less land and works faster than common bio fuel technology that uses algae. the experts say it's intriguing. >> they're trying to do it more cost effectively so i think they have a bright future. >> reporter: if significant economic challenges can be overcome. >> i don't want to say it can happen overnight. we spend trillions of dollars on it in our country. a little bit unsettled, i guess, over the next couple of days, and some rain popping up on the radar already. >> couple of light showers to the north and west but probably the heavier stuff will be tomorrow afternoon. we can use the rain. unfortunately, i think they may
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be strong severe storms. we have the clouds thickening up a little bit and yes, just a little bit of light rain showing up. temperatures are slow to fall. we're still 86 degrees at this hour and the humidity has been creeping up as well. we'll start you out with a look at radar so you can see there are just a few light showers up to the north and maybe just maybe a clap of thunder, a little bolt of lightning up there north and east of hagerstown. these will skim along in the suburbs north of dc. let's go over to the map because we need the rain. we were talking about this at 10:00 when bob barnard did the story on the dry lawn. technically, we are not in a drought but the drought monitor says we are unusually dry, and this is where we stand in terms of the deficit of rain. since june 1, we're under by about 3 inches at reagan, a little worse at dulles, under by just about 3 and 3/4 of an inch. not so bad at bwi, had a few
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more thunderstorms going across the area by an inch and-a-half. considerably dryer than last summer and we can use this rain. hopefully we'll get some. the heat has a lot to do with why we've dried out so fast. if you keep house plants outside, they need to be watered so much more often and again today, 98 degrees. that makes it 16 days in a row at or above 90. you actually have to go back to july 17th to find a day that was in the 80s, and right now, we're not going to have them on the temperature trend. we could have a couple of days in the upper 80s here. tomorrow, wednesday, i'm thinking about 90 degrees, but if we have a lot of cloud cover around and don't get sunny breaks, that will do a couple of things. maybe we'll stay in the upper 80s and the storms might not be that severe in our region. friday 90, and saturday 91 degrees so i know it's not what we would call a cool-down but it is better than 100 and 99 degrees we had today. gaithersburg dropped off to 77,
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annapolis 83. 84 for frederick. i want to give you a head's up that we do have the possibility of some stronger to severe storms. not for everybody, right for our region from hagerstown to richmond we'll have to keep an eye on those storms. if we don't get a lot of sun, perhaps they won't have quite the kick they could have. here's max hd satellite and radar. the clouds thicken up in our region. you can see a couple of light showers that are trying to move through the region. we'll keep our fingers crossed for every drop and we'll have to wait for this front. this will be coming closer tomorrow afternoon. and that's why anytime in the afternoon we could see showers and storms. max hd future cast will show you that, kind of swinging on through in the early morning hours, so there's a chance in the morning, if we cook up a lot of sunshine, these storms may be stronger as they run through our area in the afternoon and evening, and after that, we'll probably have to wait until sometime in the weekend to pick up another chance for a little bit of rain, and if we stay dry for thursday and sunny, partly cloudy on friday. we saw the temperatures already
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and just a couple of scattered storms around on sunday and saturday. definitely not a wash-out. we'll continue to watch tropical storm emily. dave feldman is up next with sports. rom the sky? or imagine catching icy caramel flakes as they drift down -- melting just as they touch your tongue or sliding down mounds of whipped cream right into a pile of rich chocolaty goodness. [ male announcer ] send your taste buds a sweet shiver with mcdonald's mccafé frappe. a creamy blend of ice, coffee and mocha. or caramel. mmm. sweet. ♪ ba da ba ba ba
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>> hi, everybody, i'm dave feldman. let's start with several news and notes out of redskins training camp. philip buchanan will be suspended the first four games. no announcement has been made for why.
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ryan kerrigan might miss more days after suffering a bone bruise. there was another new quarterback in town today. rex grossman returning to the park. at 4:45 he watched a practice run-through. he received a warm welcome, played in four games last season, starting the last three. he'll hit the field on thursday with the rest of the free agent signings, to begin his competition with john beck for the starting qb gig. >> it's a great opportunity for me and, you know, i'm going to go give it my best and try not to have any regrets in any of these practices, preseason games, and just play good consistent football and just run the offense the way it's supposed to be run, you know, do exactly what the coach has asked, and play with a little bit of a swagger and you know, score points and if i do that, whatever happens, happens. >> running back tim hightower on the practice field, joining the other gray shirts also awaiting thursday to participate in the workout. hightower was acquired on sunday, in a trade with the
11:25 pm
cardinals, and he returns home. he grew up in alexand ria playing local ball. >> growing up in this area, you can't help but watch the redskins. i know a lot of about them or i think i know a lot about them. i'm going to find out. getting a chance to come play at home is a childhood dream. >> he missed 11 field goals last year. his inconsistency created a kicking competition with graham. ly played the majority of his career with the bengals. last year he made all 12 field goal attempts in a half season of work for new england. how about an albert haynesworth update. he was back on the field with the new england patriots. bill bellicek saying hey, look, we've got a long way to go but i think the big fellow is doing fine. here's albert haynesworth, the newest patriot.
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>> great chance to be on a great team. it's a chance to, i guess, you know, restore my name or whatever you want to say, and it's a great chance to get back on the field and play football. >> i enjoy being here, i mean, it's a refresher and i love it and, you know, it's kind of revived me playing football again. >> albert. today, steven stephen strasburg threw nearly 250 pitches before he begins rehab in a week. the nats taking on the braves, and keel who had two home runs last night, has his second career grand slam. nats go up 6-3 and down the braves 9-3 and have won four games in a row. in kansas city, the orioles beat the royals 8-2. taking on the defending champ, david balbany.
11:27 pm
the unseeded ranked 90th in the world pulls the upset. next up for blake, would it be his double's american, the 6'9" american john isner. could he take down german's canta, 6-1, 6-thirty-three, setting up a meeting with blake the next round. we'll see you the training camp live at 5:00. bye-bye.
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